History Of Babaji

Babaji had a life of about more than 150 years.Nobody knows his birthday. He was born in Bhatinda Dist. of Punjab approximatley before 200 years ago. His parents were very pious and religious. He was not interested in studies but only in RAMNAM.One fine day morning he left his parents & home alongwith some of Udasin saints. Later on he went to Dhingad in Punjab and  took Diksha from Guru Baba Punjabdas and was named himself as Purandasji.Afterthat as per his Guru’s instruction he did penances (tapasya)  for 12 years while sitting on wari (sand), 12 years standing under water,12 years in agni around him,12 years by travelling to religous Tirthdham. i.e. totaly 48 years of tapasya! By the grace of his Guru , Purandasji got spiritual illumination and realised the divine. The result was that for hours together he remained lost in the Samadhi. He lived in constant union with God.


Throught his ascetic life he never lived under a roof. He used to sit in open under the sky inspite of the scorching heat, severe cold and heavy rains. Most of the years of his life , he lived in a forest. Many a times he used to say his devotees, ” I am a bird of the forest. ” . He used to sit on sand. Therefore he is rightly called the ‘Wariwala Sant’ . During the later years of his life he used to put on a black sleeveless kafani. He lived a very pure, sacred and pious life. He worshipped Udasin Acharya Jagad Guru Sri Chandradeva.


His personality was very attractive. Being an incarnate of Lord , he gave Darshan as  ‘Shiva’ or ‘Krishna’ to his devotees. Many of his deovtees have experienced his Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence.


He took MahaSamadhi on 22nd April,1961 Saturday on Gangasaptami @ 1.20 pm. He left his mortal body. Physically he is no more with us today but still he is always with us if we sincerely and earnestly remember and pray to Him.