Jeevancharitra/Teachings of Babaji

His main intention for his devotees was Bhajan & Bhojan.


The truth seeker , the truth speaker , the truth doer is ever-victorious everywhere.


Always welcome the guests cheerfully, wholeheartedly and with all love, With sincerity feed them first. After fully satisfying them , you should eat and enjoy.


Do not waste your time in arguments and debates. Be amicable and cheerful and meet and mix with everybody. Faith is beyond reason. Let everyone be true to his or her faith and Guru.


Serve the saints and sages faithfully and bow to them out of devotion with all humility and humbleness. Be always away from the mischievous and un-meaningful criticizium of the saints and sages.


Must learn to give – if you want to receive.


What bliss you received in feeding the hungry , you will never get in eating yourself.


Man is born to serve others. He is not born only to eat and enjoy. Sacrifice and love should be his Ideal and Motto.


Saints and sages are incarnations of Divine. Cling to them ,do not give them up, and you will realize the Divine.


Where there is God, there is Peace an Plenty , Where there is Perfection how can there be want ?


When thousand-handed God will be pleased with thee to give thee, how much can you receive with only two hands ? When He will be pleased to give thee , He will give thee in plenty.


Saints in their worldly life always do maximum good of maximum number. After giving up their body they bless and do good whenever and wherever they are remembered sincerely,. Thus the saints always live and do good to their devotees.


The merciful saint or merciful Guru can undo the course of fate. He out of love for his disciple can help him to the highest bliss. The Guru does ‘Kalyana’ of his disciple.


Never be angry. Be still and calm in all situations of life.


For married persons yoga and meditation are very difficult. For them Bhakti is very easy simple and straight.


They are always happy who always remember and worship God.


Be always away from speculation and dishonest means of making money.


In the Temple or Gurudwara or Mosque or Church or in Agiyari, wherever you go and whomsoever you worship, it is the same one Almighty Divine who alone is the Truth. Waves rise and fall, the Ocean is the same everywhere. You drink the same water everywhere.


Be charitable to all. Who are you to judge who is deserving and who is not deserving. Feed all.


Always remember the name of Satkartar or Ram and you will always be happy.


Insist always on the purity of mind and thought and purity of speech and deed.


Be always humble and meek. The Kingdom of God belongs to them.


Live always non-detached. Never lose the equanimity of mind in sorrow or in joy, in victory or in defeat.


Always seek the saints and meet them. Their blessing work wonders.


God has created a very healthy , just and beautiful world.


Try to be perfect in everything. But do not be proud. Be always humble. It is only God’s power that is expressed through individual . There is the difference in the degree and not in kind.


Always obey the Guru or the Saint. Never , never disobey Him.