Kumbhmela is held after every 12 years at Nasik,Prayagraj,Hardhwar,Ujjain where all Saints meet together for Snan (To have a bath with respective citie’s prominent river’s water) and also forming different types of Camps like Medical,Annachhetra (Serving the free food to Saints/Poors),Parayana etc. Similarly Tapaswi Bhagwan used to go there with his devotees and do Annachhetra wherever thereĀ  is a Kumbh. Thousands of Sadhus and other people were fed here.


Now the next Kumbh mela (Ardhi kumb) Half six-yearly mela will be held from December 2006 to Jan-Feb of 2007 at Prayagraj. i.e. At Allahabad Triveni sangam.